Updated SHORELESS Terms and Pri­vacy Pol­icy

Published on: 01.12.2017

We updated our Gen­eral Terms of Ser­vice, our Web­site Terms of Use and our Pri­vacy Pol­icy. These changes are the result of our new web­site launch at https://shore­less.lim­ited and the SHORELESS Accounts sin­gle sign-on, along with clar­i­fi­ca­tions and improve­ments to the read­abil­ity of these doc­u­ments.

Please read them care­fully, as they are the basis for your use of our web­sites and sys­tems, as well as for your busi­ness rela­tion­ship with SHORELESS:


In case of any ques­tions, you can always reach out to us at con­tact@shore­less.lim­ited.