How we work

SHORELESS val­ues tech­nol­ogy as an inte­gral and poten­tially dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing com­po­nent of a busi­ness. We help com­pa­nies con­fi­dently address tech­nol­ogy-related deci­sions and ensure their IT orga­ni­za­tions and oper­at­ing mod­els are agile and effec­tive.

We oper­ate as one com­pany with more than 50 tech­nol­ogy pro­fes­sion­als located all around the globe. Our highly skilled expert teams have com­pleted more than 275 suc­cess­ful pro­jects across indus­tries and tech­nolo­gies.

Our pro­ject teams are com­posed accord­ing to your very spe­cial infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy needs. Every client gets one or more ded­i­cated tech­ni­cians and account man­agers assigned. Com­mit­ted to your suc­cess, they provide­per­son­al­ized first-level pro­ject sup­port, coor­di­nate com­mu­ni­ca­tions, super­vise the pro­ject teams and ensure the timely deliv­ery of high-qual­ity solu­tions that really meet your needs.

In order to cre­at­ing to-the-point cus­tomized and sus­tain­able solu­tions, our tech­nol­ogy pro­jects start with a focus on the strate­gic needs of your busi­ness. We want to under­stand the cor­po­rate goals and deter­mine the tech­nol­ogy capa­bil­i­ties needed to sup­port your long-term suc­cess. These inter­nal audits ensure that client expec­ta­tions are met and exceeded task items in cor­re­la­tion to mile­stones.

Our solu­tion imple­men­ta­tions are based upon best prac­tices and newest stan­dards. SHORELESS works with you straight from require­ment assess­ment, design and archi­tec­ture, devel­op­ment to imple­men­ta­tion, cov­er­ing the entire soft­ware devel­op­ment life­cy­cle. This method pro­vides you increased flex­i­bil­ity, allow­ing you to adapt faster to your evolv­ing busi­ness require­ments.

As the pro­ject pro­gresses, we under­stand that scope may change as unfore­seen require­ments and new ideas may sur­face. For this rea­son SHORELESS main­tains an agile approach and has the abil­ity to fac­tor enhance­ment into the deliv­ery. Our team take an active inter­est in real­iza­tion of our client visions through the extent of the ser­vice imple­men­ta­tion as well as through future enhance­ments and appli­ca­tion devel­op­ment efforts.