SHORELESS adds Sin­gle Sign-On to its Appli­ca­tions

Your sin­gle SHORELESS Account to access all our Sys­tems
Published on: 25.10.2017

SHORELESS is using sev­eral dif­fer­ent appli­ca­tions and sys­tems to pro­vide our ser­vices and sup­port our work­flows. Hav­ing to main­tain a unique and secure pass­word and keep­ing user pro­file infor­ma­tion up-to-date on each of them often caused headaches to both, our clients and our staff.

As of Novem­ber 2017, we there­fore intro­duce the "SHORELESS Account" for our clients and team mem­bers. One sin­gle user account to main­tain for access­ing all SHORELESS prod­uct and ser­vices related sys­tems. Whether for using this web­site, your Man­aged Host­ing con­trol panel, the SHORELESS Web­mailer, SHORELESS TIM and SHORELESS Team, or any of our other sys­tems, you now only have to remem­ber one pass­word. An addi­tional layer of secu­rity is added by an optional two-fac­tor authen­tifi­ca­tion.

You can also link your SHORELESS Account with your favorite social accounts on LinkedIn, GitHub, Face­book, Twit­ter or Stack­Over­flow to get access to your SHORELESS ser­vices.

What does this mean for You as User of a SHORELESS System?

All exist­ing users of any SHORELESS Sys­tem auto­mat­i­cally get a SHORELESS Account cre­ated using their pri­mary email address. You should get an email with instruc­tions on how to set a SHORELESS Account pass­word for your account. If you did not receive this email, you can always use the pass­word reset func­tion with your email address, or reach out to us at accounts@shore­less.lim­ited.

Some SHORELESS Sys­tems will still show the reg­u­lar user name/pass­word login AND an addi­tional "Login with SHORELESS Account" but­ton. Please note, that the user name/pass­word authen­ti­ca­tion of these sys­tems still use your old user name and pass­word, while the but­ton allows you to login using your new SHORELESS Account. We keep the old login options of these sys­tems for your con­ve­nience dur­ing the tran­si­tion period. They will dis­ap­pear by Jan­u­ary 2018.

Other SHORELESS Sys­tems will auto­mat­i­cally redi­rect you to sign in with your SHORELESS Account once you open them (sign-in only appli­ca­tions ) or hit the login pages (hybrid appli­ca­tions ) and did not sign in to your SHORELESS Account before. Oth­er­wise you will be authen­ti­cated auto­mat­i­cally.

Our sup­port team will always answer any ques­tions regard­ing your SHORELESS Account at accounts@shore­less.lim­ited or by using our con­tact form.