Ticket Dri­ven Devel­op­ment is a method of man­ag­ing tasks in a pro­jects' devel­op­ment life­cy­cle using an issue track­ing sys­tem. It is called Ticket Dri­ven Devel­op­ment for the tick­ets cre­ated for each task.

The basic rule of Ticket Dri­ven Devel­op­ment is "No ticket, no devel­op­ment". Every ticket cre­ated rep­re­sents an added value to the final prod­uct. This helps agile devel­op­ment teams to deliver prod­ucts that really meet the needs of its users.

When every team mem­ber and pos­si­bly every other pro­ject stake­holder has access to the issue track­ing sys­tem, Ticket Dri­ven Devel­op­ment allows for a high level of trans­parency to the entire team. Infor­ma­tion can be shared smoothly with every­one involved.

SHORELESS and our asso­ci­ates are using Ticket Dri­ven Devel­op­ment for almost every aspect of our work. The issue track­ing sys­tem of SHORELESS is called SHORELESS TIM.