Scrum Team

Glossary term descrip­tion

A Scrum Team is a self-orga­niz­ing team fol­low­ing the Scrum approach for devel­op­ing a prod­uct or ser­vice. It usu­ally con­sists of a Prod­uct Owner, the Devel­op­ment Team and a Scrum Mas­ter.

The roles within the team are:

  • Prod­uct Owner
    A Prod­uct Owner rep­re­sents the busi­ness, cus­tomers or users of the result­ing prod­uct. He is account­able for max­i­miz­ing the value of the prod­uct, pri­mar­ily by incre­men­tally man­ag­ing and express­ing busi­ness and func­tional expec­ta­tions for the prod­uct and its fea­tures within the Prod­uct Back­log.
  • Devel­op­ment Team
    Account­able for man­ag­ing, orga­niz­ing and doing all devel­op­ment work required to cre­ate a releasable incre­ment of prod­uct in every Sprint. As a cross-func­tional team, it com­prises all com­pe­ten­cies needed to accom­plish the work with­out depend­ing on oth­ers not part of the team.
  • Scrum Mas­ter
    Account­able for guid­ing, coach­ing, teach­ing and assist­ing the Scrum Team and its envi­ron­ments in a proper under­stand­ing and use of Scrum .